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Frequently Asked Questions – Economised Flight Tickets by TravelJunction.co.uk

TravelJunction offers a sophisticated yet simplified platform to book flight tickets for international and domestic air journeys. You need to filter out the options of flight ticket on the basis of your travelling priority and the date you want to travel. Our online system is safe and secured where you can enter details about yourself in the respective fields. An electronic confirmation is generated. It will take not more than 5 minutes to book flight ticket to your travel destination.
The moment you book your e-ticket, there is confirmation email sent within 4 hours into your valid email account from TravelJunction.co.uk. In case of non-receipt of confirmation in your inbox, it is better to check with our customer service agent. The agent shall help you with an effective resolution within stipulated timeframe.
If you call the customer service desk of TravelJunction for booking the flight ticket, you will not be asked for the card details, which means you are not going to be charged.
For quick delivery of the tickets, it is better that you book an e-Ticket. A confirmation email shall be sent in your email. You will receive the ticket at the ticket kiosk on the airport after you have provided the details.
To begin with the e-Ticket booking process, you need to provide accurate personal information and valid numbers provided on your documents. e-Ticket is the best option to go with as it is safe and free from physical obliteration of any kind. Moreover, e-Ticket is handy and can be held in possession in flexible format.
You can get information on boarding terminal, air carrier, seat number and flight departure in the confirmation e-mail sent. Kindly mention the booking reference of your flight ticket to our customer service agent.
The only way you can transfer your ticket on someone else’s name is by cancelling your ticket and arranging the reissue of the flight ticket in the name of the second person. All of this process shall take a few hours, provided you are taking the right steps.
An infant is regarded as the one, who has the age between 0 and 1 year and this age span also includes the time of air journey. Likewise, a child is regarded as one, who falls in the age group of 2 and 11 years. It is also significant to note here that infant is not entitled for seat registration and can only travel on lap of the adult.
The best and simple way of reconfirming the status of your flight ticket is to call the reservation desk at least 72 hours before you plan to fly.
You should have at least a valid Passport, or License, or Social Security Card, or anything of similar nature before you can receive the ticket from the ticket counter. Besides, it is necessary to have valid reference number of Debit Card/Credit Card, which was used while booking the flight ticket.
A few of most credible methods that TravelJunction.co.uk use for booking the flight tickets of the travellers are:
  • Credit/Debit card payment
  • Bank transfer
  • Cash payment received directly in the office
If you have chosen for the inflight meals, it is probable that you shall be charged. It is pretty simple and straightforward and the information about your inflight meals shall appear in the confirmation email received in your inbox.
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