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The City of Esoteric Cultures, High Lifestyle and Amazing Living

Townsville is an exciting city popular for the reefs, verdant rainforests and the excitingly tropical islands. The city enjoys a whopping 300 days of shine plus an enriching lifestyle, and limitless natural beauty. Townsville comes with plenty of benefits imbued in the minds of the travellers and feels like creating a truly energetic momentum. The city is treated as Australia’s principal garrison. The city is acknowledged as top 100 sustainable tourist destinations in the world, and this is indeed one of its kind accolade.

International events, or educational consultancy, or beach activities, one would feel Townsville as esoteric destination, where the love for life begins to multiply and the moments become surprisingly eclectic. With attractive deals on cheap flights to Townsville, travellers gain diversified range of experiences and such experiences live entire lives.

Why Travellers must visit Townsville

Visits to the tourist destinations like Townsville may often be reasoned out in many ways, and such travellers having inquisitive minds come to settle on a concerted opinion that World is not Enough. Townsville is among the green and sustainable destinations holding pleasure, excitement and sufficient reasons to visit. This area of North Queensland as well as the Townsville inspire the globetrotters with attractive destinations like the Great Barrier Reef, Wet Tropics rainforest apart from splendid beach activities, bird watching, glamping, and pooling. Flinders Square is another astounding tourist destination to set the priority for long stays or day trips.

Among many fascinating reasons to visit Townsville, one cannot sideline the fact that the city holds under its garb the Northern Australia’s biggest wild Koala population. A jungle safari on any day will give travellers a good opportunity to take a deeper and closer view of these mischievous herbivorous marsupials. Besides, the impressive sight of single-drop waterfall known to be the Wallaman Falls. Townsville also lives on the threshold of the Magnetic Island and enjoys being the existing and thriving coral reef aquarium.

Best places to visit in Townsville

Living to its advantage, Townsville is a magnanimous Australian city with more 300 days of sunshine. The city has an engaging and pretty cool touristy charisma, endowed in the form of high rise centres, The Strand, which is a beatific palm-lined promenade shirking on the Cleveland Bay, Ross Creek, Castle Hill, and many more. Townsville is an idyllic tropical getaway for the travellers who like to explore beyond the usual as well as feel enamoured. The ostensibly best hot spots to visit in Townsville are:

The Strand, Cleveland Bay – Live in the Tropical Vibes and Feel the Soul Incensed by Strand Water Park

The prevalent beachfront location is an exciting boardwalk that would fill the heart with excitement, magnetic imagination and astounding life charms. Travellers who desire to get soaked into the tropical vibes will enjoy the sea breezes speeding up by the coconut palms. Furthermore, the blue-green waters of Cleveland Bay renders out a gesture of nobility as much as the golden-sand beach cross over the bay line. In the similar vibe, the Magnetic Island sprawls languidly and the horizon begins to generate the feeling of vibrancy.

Magnetic Island – Wistful Wilderness Lived in Peaceful Beaches and Super Abundance

Settled in the vicinity of the Townsville Coast, Magnetic Island is rugged, and rocky quiet and cool for exploration. The huge wilderness is exploited by sudden intrusion of the inquisitive minds who feel outstandingly magnetic and connected. Major stretch of land is snuggled within Great Barrier Reef, which is indeed one of the popular world heritage. A prominent part of this island is Natural Park, while there is good space specifically meant for the walking trails. While on the Magnetic Island, travellers also have the opportunity to view the gargantuan World War II guns plus the command post.

Rock Wallaby, Nelly Bay – Snorkelling Trails and Boat Tours to Incredible Bays

Rock Wallaby is speckled by high rising hoop pines, wide belt of sparkling coral reefs, besides the Nelly and Geoffrey Bays that are inhabited by the impressive groups of rock wallabies. There are many spectacular beach spots and reefs too, which can be quickly accessed through bespoke boat tours. Activities such as the equine trotting along the coast lines, or endearing fishing charters, tailor made kayaking tours and Scuba dives too.

Climb Castle Hill – The Granite Monolith offering 360 Degrees Sight of Townsville

The granite landmark is a whopping 290 metres high structure standing indelibly strong in the centre of city, and it provides an rousing 360 Degree view of Townsville. The structure as it stands atoll is the best to climb and render a dynamically spectacular inland view of the jerry-rigged of houses and fields.

Frequently Asked Questions- Cheap Flights to Townsville

There are cheap flights from London, UK to Townsville, Australia at £765 or less for the one way trip and £2,201 or less for the round-trip.
There are no direct flights flying from Townsville, Australia to the UK. However, you can check out the deals or shop and compare the prices of tickets of international airlines that offer any indirect flights.
In general, the duration of flight from London, UK to Townsville, Australia comes at a little more than 23 hours on regular days. This duration may likely to increase depending on the geographical and socio economic factors.
June is considered to be cheap month to fly form London, UK to Townsville, Australia. November, December, and January are generally considered to be the highly productive months for the flight tickets.
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