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The Plotting Point of Indigenous Australian Population and Iconic Museums and Galleries

The delighted worlds come together and travellers are mesmerised by the subtle moments of exoticness and wonderful out bounds, and this is righteously true in case of Canberra. The entire region of Canberra is dotted with exclusive reign of museums, breath taking natural sights, truly world class art forms and trails for organising the cycling marathons. The foodie wonderlands of Canberra also speak a great scope for connoisseurs who are always strolling for magnificent food retreats and festivals of unique kind. And to the wider extent, the thriving green landmarks of Canberra and surrounding zones will make the days inspiring and tempting for the travellers from across the globe.

If your expectations of the place and the destination is more than what meets the eye, visiting Canberra would turn out to be a good deal. Recorded amongst the sustainable cities, Canberra is also the cool wine tasting area. Book cheap flights to Canberra and make a gradual recourse deep into the regions that are ostensibly dignified, institutionalised besides being a flamboyant destination.

Settled on the northern tip of Australian Alps, Canberra is packed with majority of aboriginal population of Australia. This Australian Capital Territory brings you very close to the European settlements apart from the churches like St John's Anglican Church. Blundells Cottage is still going to be a marvellous yet petite adventure for the seekers of biblical history.

Why Travellers must visit Canberra

Arising out from the blueprint of the chief architects born of America, Canberra happens to be a systematically planned city. There are featured motifs, and constructed with the baseline on Black Mountain, Mount Ainslie, Capital Hill and City Hill. The amazing view of snowcapped mountains becomes quite clear and travellers begin to feel from their heart sooner or later.

The Australian Capital is seat to the government, and holds many institutions under the garb including the federal structures, state of the art museums and monuments of national importance. Canberra is a popular citadel comprising the Australian War Memorial, the Australian National University, the Royal Australian Mint the National Gallery, the National Museum besides the National Library. Undoubtedly, Canberra is accorded one of the hospitable, beautiful and safe Australian cities to live and discover.

Once you touch the skyline of Canberra, there are many enticing tourist options as well as festivals to land in an impromptu way. Floriade, the principal flower festival is organised in Southern Hemisphere, similarly, the Enlighten Festival, Skyfire, the National Multicultural Festival and Summernats shall make travelling noteworthy and profitable in many ways.

Best places to visit in Canberra

Balanced between the cities of Sydney and Melbourne, Canberra has huge green belt and the sophisticatedly shaped and exquisitely chiseled spaces. Travellers have the opportunity to stroll in the buildings that hold immense knowledge and relics, and a few of these include the National Gallery of Australia, Questacon, and the colossal National Library respectively. The capital of Australia has unlimited options when it comes to tourist destinations. Here are some of the best tourist hot spots that cannot be missed out from the wishlist of the travellers:

Australian War Memorial, Campbell, ACT – The Touching Destination with a Momentous Outlook

The Australian War Memorial is one of the popular destinations with an element of dynamism that sustains itself within patriotism. Campbell is the centre for Byzantine-style monument standing upright as Australian War Memorial. The site presents a perfect collection of art gallery, huge museum, and a bibliothèque. In addition there are bronze inscriptions on the walls that bear the name of the veteran Australian patriots who sacrificed their lives for the good of their country.

New Parliament House, Capital Hill – The Common Meeting Place for the Elected Members

The New Parliament House located in the Capital Hill cannot be called nothing less than the wonder world by all means. The boomerang-shaped constructional innovation, or better be called as marvel is nestled in sophisticated manner. This new government structure takes the place of Provisional Parliament House. Visitors have a good advantage to make the visit to the parliament and its proceedings on a usual day and come across the mannerism and action of parliamentarians as to what really gets through the federal decisions.

Museum of Australian Democracy at Old Parliament House in Parkes – The Holding Place of Australian

Located only in the vicinity of New Parliament House and settled on the base of Capital Hill, the Museum of Australian Democracy is the notable point to get the glimpse of the foundations of federal government of Australia. The entire structure of this federal building is designed in the “Stripped Classical” style. This museum appears to the visitors as the time capsule. It is also quite easy to learn about the prime ministers that served Australia in yesteryears. Lying adjacently is National Rose Gardens, which is indeed the nice place for an evening stroll.

Frequently Asked Questions- Cheap Flights to Canberra

The average cost of flight from London, UK to Canberra, Australia is settled approximately in the range of £850 and £890.
China Southern, Etihad Airways, Qantas Airways, Jetstar, Qantas (Oneworld), Regional Express and Virgin Australia etc. are few of the airlines that fly to Canberra. There are many indirect flights too which fly to Canberra directly.
In general the total flight duration for flying from London, UK to Canberra, Australia is more than 21 Hours. The flight duration may vary and this variation is based on various factors.
If you are booking the flight ticket from London, UK to Canberra, Australia, then the best and affordable month is September. However, there are several factors to look around simultaneously before you look out for the cheap months to fly to Canberra.
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