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Jordan – The city that boasts beauty in abundance

Nestled in the heart of the Middle East region, Jordan is a country of historians, artists, foodies, hikers, scientists, yoga enthusiasts, and all those who love exploring an exciting and off-beat destination. The country is very easy-going in comparison to its other Middle Eastern counterparts. Taking into account the safe and friendly environment, Jordan, without a doubt, makes for a dream holiday destination for a sea of globetrotters. As it offers world-class hospitality and encounters with various world wonders, who wouldn’t want to catch a flight to Jordan to feel at home in an overseas country?

Jordan is brimming with UNESCO World Heritage Sites. From marvelling at fading frescos in the Quseir Amra Castle to climbing sand dunes in the desert landscape of Wadi Rum and exploring awe-inspiring sites in the ancient city of Nabatean – it is a haven for the explorer in you. Don’t forget to meander your way to Petra, the crown jewel of Jordan.

It may seem like but Jordan is not just about its past. Amman, its capital city, is a modernized hilly space featuring buzzing restaurants, swanky cafes, remarkable art galleries, and luxury shopping. And, throw the Dead Sea into the mix, Jordan is that gem of a place that may steal your heart and becomes your favourite destination each time you plan to take a holiday in Asia.

Why people must visit Jordan?

Jordan is brimming with cities, places, and attractions that are worth catching the fancy of travellers of different ages and possessing eclectic areas of interest. Begin traveling the length and breadth of the country by making the first stopover at Petra. This treasure trove is the most sought-after attraction in Jordan, thanks to its colossal architecture, refined culture, and innovative complex of water channels and dams. This ancient city is not just a UNESCO-recognized World Heritage Site but also takes pride in being one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Whether you choose to hike from the visitor centre to the Treasury (the revered trail in Petra), explore artefacts and exhibitions at the Petra Museum, or learn a cooking lesson or two from local chefs at Petra Kitchen, you can rest assured that you’re going to have a whale of a time. Petra is a sight to behold in the night with 1,800 candles lighting it up and makes for an unmissable experience.

The next must-visit spot has to be none other than the Wadi Rum. Also famous as ‘The Valley of the Moon,’ it’s a place straight out of a fairy tale. The sand, sun, and stars make a picturesque landscape that is a feast for the eyes. Once the home of Nabateans in prehistoric times, Wadi Rum is a tranquil getaway for anyone who wants to kick back under a sky filled with stars. RumSky allows you to experience the magical and colossal world of planets, skies, stars, and heavens. After you’re done stargazing, let your competitive streak come out and enjoy high-octane camels sprinting through the desert sands. Camel racing is a loved sport around the Middle East and Wadi Rum makes a great spot to witness the same.

In addition to its capital city, Jordan boasts many crowd-pleasers that may have you run out of time but never fall short of things to indulge in. Umm El Jimal, the Dead Sea, Madaba, Jerash, Aqaba, Zarqa, Irbid, and Kerak are some of them.

Best places to visit in Jordan

Mount Nebo

Overlooking the Dead Sea, Mount Nebo is a venerated mountain that holds a special significance for Jordanians. Make your way to the mountain to marvel at the sweeping vistas of the Dead Sea beside Israel and remote Palestinian territories. Perched on top of the hill are the Serpent Statue and Moses Memorial Church. The Mount Nebo region is utterly gorgeous and nothing less than a prominent draw for tourists.

The Citadel

If you’re someone whose curiosity is piqued by digging deeper into the history of a place, then the Citadel is your best bet, to begin with. Sitting pretty on the top of a hill, the Citadel gives travellers and natives alike an insight into how Amman had evolved alongside the striking vistas of Amman’s downtown. The Umayyad Palace complex, the Byzantine Church, and the Temple of Hercules are certain sights that are a must-see for sure.


Pella is a tourist honeypot that you can’t afford to miss while traveling the length and breadth of the city of Irbid. This archaeological site is nestled in hills looking onto the Jordan Valley. Home to an expansive collection of ruins belonging to thousands of years ago, Pella is considered one of the most significant historical landmarks the country has ever had. You can experience intriguing glimpses of several prominent historical periods of Jordan.

Umm Qais

Once known as Gadara, Umm Qais is perched on a spectacular hilltop overlooking the Jordan Valley and the Sea of Galilee. It is the place where the famous Miracle of the Swine took place and Gadara earned a reputation as a cultural centre in its time. Umm Qais boasts an outstanding colonnaded street, the ruins of theatres, and a vaulted terrace. You can relish a lip-smacking meal on the rooftop of a fancy restaurant while appreciating some awe-inspiring views.

Jordan’s Leading International Airports

There are two international airports in Jordan to cater to a large footfall of passengers, namely Queen Alia International Airport and King Hussein International Airport.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Flights to Jordan

The best way to reach Jordan from the UK is via a flight. There are many air carriers that take flights to Jordan, namely American Airlines, EasyJet, TUI, Royal Jordanian, British Airways, and Wizz Air UK.
There are several airlines that operate direct non-stop flights from the UK to Jordan.
A visa is required to fly to Jordan in addition to a passport with a validity of a minimum of six months.
The majority of the population in Jordan is Sunni Muslim, which accounts for a whopping 95 percent.
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