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Israel – The Holy City is the hidden gem of a place

Perched alongside the Mediterranean Sea, Israel is a Middle Eastern country that is considered the Holy Land and a pilgrimage destination by Christians, Muslims, and Jews. Having said that, the country is home to a lot more than just churches, mosques, and synagogues. So, travellers who’re looking to catch a flight to Israel and are not keen to go on religious sightseeing can heave a sigh of relief because the country boasts myriads of tourist honeypots and offers abundant activities to travellers of all ages. Owing to its growing popularity, Israel is welcoming tourists from around the globe with every passing year, and rightly so. With places like Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, the Dead Sea, Eilat, Negev, and Galilee, it’s no wonder that Israel has become a favourite destination of globetrotters.

Call it ‘the Mediterranean Capital of Cool’ or acknowledge it as one of the sought-after action-packed cities, Tel Aviv deserves every bit of attention and admiration. From a fun-filled adventure to a laid-back escape or an action-packed getaway, this vibrant city offers everything that your heart desires. Chilling on shimmery stretches of pristine beaches, sauntering through colourful markets, indulging in arts and entertainment, making the most of nightlife scenes, savouring the crème de la crème of the cuisines – there are endless ways to get your jollies in the trendiest destination of Tel Aviv.

The capital city of Israel, Jerusalem, is equally entertaining and exhilarating, if not more. Entwining modernity with glorious history, the city boasts myriads of historical sites and archaeological marvels. Jerusalem’s magical alleys and magnificent vistas are certain to leave anyone awe-struck while the surprisingly modern sights ensure an unlimited supply of pleasure and excitement for those who are fond of arts, music, culture, and food.

Why people must visit Israel?

Fly to Israel, for a country like this is every tourist’s dream holiday destination. Begin with wending your way to Eilat, which is an extremely revered resort city that draws as many as 2.8 million travellers every year. What could be better than unwinding by the shores of the strikingly beautiful red sea? Well, wait till you explore the desert landscape that surrounds Eilat. With staggering 360 bright sunny days, the place particularly catches the attention of tourists coming from cold habitats. This spirited resort is dotted with best-in-class eateries and cafes, sumptuous shopping centres and chic clubs and bars.

Negev is another hotpot that makes Israel all the more tempting. It is a majestic desert that offers great outdoors with engrossing pursuits. Some of the most alluring vistas of sunrise and sunset are waiting to sweep you off your feet in this not-so-deserted desert. The South of Israel is teeming with remarkable geological marvels, outstanding historical landmarks, and noteworthy natural reserves where tourists and locals alike take delight in cycling, camel riding, hiking and enjoying adrenaline-inducing safari rides in the desert stretched as far as the eye could see. To cut a long story short, this marvellous Southern region of Israel makes for a must-visit and deserves to be in every Israel itinerary no matter what.

Best places to visit in Israel

The Dead Sea

No trip to Israel is considered complete without hitting the Dead Sea. This Wonder of Wonders is the lowest place on Earth where nobody can get drowned. Yes, you read it right! There can be no spot better than the Dead Sea to take unwinding to an altogether different level. Its cobalt waters possess healing powers while the mineral-rich mud is immensely beneficial as a body scrub. Apart from floating in the waters, the vicinity of the Dead Sea offers myriads of hotspots for tourists to have a whale of a time. To name some are natural healing spas, gourmet restaurants, adrenaline-pumping spots, and spectacular hiking trails.

The Galilee

The majority of northern Israel is famous as the Galilee. Abundant lakes, coastlines and rivers are the ultimate source of exhilaration for people of all ages. Feel the splashes of water on your face while kayaking in the white waters, indulge in activities like kitesurfing, tubing, and water-skiing on the Sea of Galilee, marvel at the eerie beauty of the grottoes at the Rosh HaNikra, or just enjoy some me-time on the hot sandy beaches. Not just on water but extreme sports are on offer in the air and on land as well. Sky-jumping, rappelling down exacting cliffs, and off-roading over rugged mountain rocks are some of them.


Also known as Akko, Acre is a port city that promises visitors a unique opportunity to peep into its glorious past. This ancient city is home to scores of outstanding sites, including structures from the Ottoman and Crusader periods, and remnants from discrete cultures. Having said that, this wonderful city is much more than archaeology and history. Colourful markets, beaches with water sports amenities, museums, marina, hotels, restaurants, fisherman’s port, and ecstatic festivals – you name it, Acre has got it. The rich heritage, the rare tryst of West and East, and authentic glances from its intriguing past have conspicuously made Acre one of the most dynamic ancient cities across the world.

Israel’s Leading International Airports

Israel has three leading international airports, namely Ben Gurion International Airport, Haifa Airport and Ramon Airport, to serve passengers flying in and out of Israel.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Flights to Israel

A minimum of 10 days is required for you to cover each of the main destinations that Israel boasts.
There are a multitude of airlines that operate flights to Israel but the ones that carry operations between Tel Aviv and Israel are British Airways, EasyJet, Wizz Air, Virgin Atlantic Airways, and El Al Israel Airlines.
There are myriads of tourist attractions in Israel, including Masada National Park, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, the Israel Museum, Caesarea National Park, the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Timna Park, and the Church of Annunciation.
The cheapest month to fly to Israel is July when it’s less crowded.
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