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Egypt – The land of antiquities, aesthetics, and elegance

The transcontinental country of Egypt needs no introduction. Renowned for its pyramids all over the world, Egypt is a Middle East nation that spans from the Northeast corner of Africa to the Southwest corner of Asia. The Nile, the longest river in the world, has been playing a pivotal role in the development of Egypt for ages and continues to do so. Not for nothing is the river revered as the lifeline of a whopping 100 million Egyptians. Wadi Halfa, a Sudanese town, is the entry point of the Nile in Egypt. Traversing granite cliffs and sandstone, the river flows in the northward direction and hence the southern border of the country is named “Upper Egypt.” Along the stretch of the river sit tombs, palaces, and temples galore dating back to 4,000 years. Nile cruise boat is a pleasurable experience that’s enjoyed by travellers and locals alike. Going forward, the Nile begins to branch out, and Nile Delta is formed. Covering a vast area of the Mediterranean coastline, it is considered the most agricultural-rich land in Egypt offering soul-rejuvenating and scenic nature in abundance.

Similar to the Nile, the coast of the Red Sea has also become an integral part of Egypt. With turquoise waters breaking against rugged capes and windy beaches lying in the foreground of a never-ending mountain range, it serves as a great escape for all those who call Cairo their home. The major draw for tourists here is the fascinating island reefs in the vicinity of the Hurghada resort. Egypt has been seeing a sharp surge in the footfall of tourists with each passing year, owing to the construction of the new capital of Egypt along the coastline in the near future. When it comes to holidaymakers who like their vacation to pack a punch, Egypt is a sought-after destination brimming with snorkelling, shark-diving, and kite-surfing among other activities in addition to private beaches, 18-hole golf courses, open-air cinemas, and lit nightlife scenes.

Why people must visit Egypt?

Globetrotters must catch a flight to Egypt because the destination offers variations in tourist honeypots and that too, a lot. Ranging from unparalleled beaches to cultural and historical sites, and ecotourism to UNESCO World Heritage Sites – Egypt promises every tourist the time of their life and keeps it exceptionally well. Round the year sunny weather makes sure that holidaymakers don’t think twice before flying to Egypt at any given time throughout the year. Fun-filled daytime by the Red Sea offers plenty of pursuits, including taking a dip, basking in the sun, and diving among assorted coral reefs. Unwinding on the Red Sea Coast also means plentiful laid-back recreation, like Bedouin dining, music, and campfires.

When it comes to rich cultural experiences, Egypt takes pride in its history which dates back thousands of years, and its age-old traditions that continue to be practiced. Tourists take delight in exploring ancient tombs, temples, and monuments. Also, there are several museums which upon your visit would make you feel like time has stopped. Featuring numerous ancient artefacts, including ceramic art, mosaics, mummies, coins, and sarcophagi, these museums are sure to pique the curiosity of a history buff in you. Don’t forget to be captivated by the light and sound show at the Philae Temple Complex.

It’s a joy to take strolls in ancient bazaars and indulge in a shopping spree in an atmosphere exuding traditional vibes. Treat yourself to hookahs and teas on offer in several old cafes as you gallivant around spectacular Egypt and soak in all it has to offer.

Best places to visit in Egypt

The Egyptian Museum

Sitting pretty in the heart of Cairo is the Egyptian Museum which is the oldest archaeological museum in the Middle East. The attraction is immensely popular among tourists and is home to an expansive collection of Egyptian antiquities enclosed in a neo-classical building. You can also behold what treasures Tutankhamun, the monarch of the 18th dynasty, was buried with.

Karnak Temple Complex

In Arabic, Karnak is translated to fortified settlement. Three main temples along with various smaller temples constitute the colossal Karnak Temple Complex. The credit to build this impressive site goes to thirty individual pharaohs facilitating it to achieve a complexity, diversity, and size not to be found anywhere else. Amun, the main structure of the complex, is the largest place ever built for worship.

Valley of the Kings

Perched on the West Bank of the Luxor River, Valley of the Kings is where New Kingdom rulers of Egypt are buried. It is indeed a remarkable site that is worth visiting. Tutankhamun’s tomb among other tombs is available there for visitors and locals alike to pay a visit. You can explore three out of 63 tombs for the price of one ticket.

The Great Sphinx of Giza

The Great Sphinx of Giza is a limestone structure of a mythical critter featuring a human’s head and a lion’s body. It is the greatest mystery to date and many questions surrounding this monolithic statue remain unanswered even now. From when the sculpture was built to the purpose behind it and which of the pharaohs it represents to why its nose is broken, the ancient Egyptian mystery remains as it is. However, it’s a sight to behold is unquestionable.

Egypt’s Leading International Airports

Egypt is dotted with many international airports, including Cairo International Airport, Borg El Arab International Airport, Hurghada International Airport, Luxor International Airport, Aswan International Airport, and Sphinx International Airport.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Flights to Egypt

Air France, British Airways, Emirates, Austrian Airlines, KLM, Ethiopian Airlines, Turkish Airlines, and Oman Air, to name a few, are air carriers that fly to Egypt.
Egypt is home to more than ten international airports in addition to scores of regional airports.
A non-stop flight from Egypt to the UK is somewhat around 6 hours long.
August is the most popular time to visit Egypt. However, to get your hands on cheap flight tickets to Egypt, consider traveling in May.
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