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Doha – The Most Endearing City of Qatar

Perched on the coast of the Arabian Gulf, Doha is the capital city of Qatar that oozes every bit of style and confidence. From its splendid skyline to its iconic cultural landmarks and ultra-modern shopping malls, Doha has certainly come a long way since the time of its humble beginnings. The multicultural city has been rapidly growing to become that gem of a place the Middle East region can proudly show off.

Doha offers globetrotters a multitude of attractions and activities that the city secures its place at least once on the travel bucket list of those who are bitten by the travel bug. There are a plethora of pursuits to enjoy in Doha and it might be impossible for you to include all of them in your itinerary of a couple of days. Don’t believe us? Well, there’s no need for you to take our word for it; catch a flight to Doha and see for yourself.

Why Travellers must visit Doha?

One of the biggest draws of the city is its vibrant and cosmopolitan atmosphere that reflects in its diverse population and lively cultural aspect. Travellers of all ages love to immerse themselves in the local culture of Doha by exploring its many museums, art galleries, and interesting cultural centres.

Thanks to the most diverse range of cuisines from all around the world on offer in Doha, the city is nothing less than a foodie’s paradise. Qatari, Nepalese, American, Malaysian, Filipino, Chinese, and Mexican – you can choose from endless options and satiate your taste buds like never before.

Art and culture fiends can have their interest piqued at some of the city’s revered cultural treasures. The state-of-the-art National Museum of Art and Msheireb Museums make for must-see cultural hotspots.

No trip to Doha is deemed complete without indulging in its national sports of camel racing and falconry. Al-Shahaniya Racetrack is your best bet to catch camels competing to make it to the finish line. For falconry, make your way to the Falcon Souq at the Souq Waqif where good hunting falcons are on sale. It is your perfect opportunity to have one of these incredible birds perch on your arm and click a selfie!

Even the most seasoned shoppers are sure to get their jollies from indulging in a shopping spree at the sumptuous mega-malls of Doha. Built in a way to dodge the heat, these multipurpose air-conditioned complexes are the perfect spots to indulge in shopping, eating, and entertainment pursuits.

Those in pursuit of relaxing spots must head to lush beaches and parks Doha is dotted with. You can stretch a leg, soak up the sun, or just enjoy your me-time doing nothing. The nightlife scenes of Doha are as exhilarating as their daytime counterparts. Locals and tourists alike take immense delight in bar-hopping, dancing the night away, and enjoying live performances by artists.

Beyond the city limits, Doha is also a gateway to some of Qatar's most spectacular natural wonders, such as the striking desert landscape of the Arabian Peninsula and the incredibly immaculate beaches and crystal-clear blue waters of the Gulf.

Best places to visit in Doha

The Museum of Islamic Art

The Museum of Islamic Art is a world-class museum settled on the Corniche waterfront in Doha. The museum features a vast collection of Islamic art from around the world, including ceramics, textiles, glass, and manuscripts. Take a tour of the museum admiring its interactive exhibits and galleries or just marvel at the building that’s a work of art in itself.

Souq Waqif

Souq Waqif is a traditional market sitting in the heart of Doha that has been restored to its former glory. The market is a great tourist honeypot to shop for traditional Qatari handicrafts, spices, and textiles. It's also an excellent place to sample some local cuisines at one of the many restaurants or cafes.

The Pearl-Qatar

An artificial island that has been developed into a luxury residential and commercial area – that’s Pearl-Qatar for you! The island boasts some of the plushest real estate in entire Qatar and has a marina, a promenade, and a shopping centre. You can go for a saunter at this lovely sight and also enjoy the enchanting vistas of the Persian Gulf.

Katara Cultural Village

Located on the eastern coast of Doha, Katara Cultural Village, needless to say, is a cultural hub. The village is home to a theatre, an opera house, a mosque, and a souq. It hosts various cultural events, including music concerts, art exhibitions, and theatre performances that are enough to catch the fancy of tourists and visitors alike.

The Sheikh Faisal Museum

The Sheikh Faisal Museum is a private museum located on the outskirts of Doha. The museum has a vast collection of artefacts, such as antique cars, traditional Qatari attires, and Islamic art. The museum also displays a falconry exhibit and a remarkable collection of vintage motorcycles.

Doha’s Leading International Airports

Hamad International Airport is the leading and prominent international airport in Doha. The airport has been built in place of Doha International Airport. Opened in 2014, Hamad International Airport serves as the national and principal airport of Qatar.

Frequently Asked Questions- Cheap Flights to Doha

The ideal airport for holidaymakers to reach Doha is to land at Hamid International Airport. The airport is approximately 9 kilometres from the city centre of Doha.
Kuwait Airlines, American Airlines, British Airways, Iberia Airlines, Oman Air, Qatar Airways, Malaysia Airlines, Iran Air, Air Arabia, SriLankan Airlines, RwandAir, and Cathay Pacific are some of the international airlines that fly to Doha.
When it comes to transportation mode, Hamad International Airport offers a lot of options to passengers, ranging from car rentals to limousines, taxis to buses, and metro.
February is considered to be the cheapest month to take flights to Doha. On the other hand, July and August are the most expensive months to fly to Doha.
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