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Bahrain – The wonderland island country with a wholesome experience

Perched on the Persian Gulf, Bahrain is an island country that comprises an archipelago of fifty natural islands and 33 man-made islands. Officially known as the Kingdom of Bahrain, the country is a part of Western Asia. The country connects East and West and thus, rightly named Bahrain, for Bahrain in Arabic translates to ‘Two Seas.’ The strategic position of Bahrain has made it the utmost important hub for trading for more than 4,000 years. The commercial crossroads of Bahrain also serve as the prominent route for the revered pearl-diving industry.

Owing to its location off the Saudi Arabia coast, Bahrain boasts both seasons of hot summers and mild winters. The plenty of sunshine makes sure that travellers make the most of their time in Bahrain basking in the sun along the beachside. This distinctive destination of Bahrain welcomes droves of tourists, thanks to its cultural attractions, sought-after beaches, shopping avenues, and ancient sightseeing spots.

Bahrain has been long known for its cultural legacy. Its capital city of Manama received the title of Asian Tourism Capital in 2015 as well as Arab Tourism Capital in 2013. Courtesy of its population of about 1.5 million natives who are warm, hospitable, and welcoming, tourists from all over the world take delight in boarding flights to Bahrain, which is multicultural and unique in its own way.

Why Travellers must visit Bahrain?

There are abundant reasons that you must fly to Bahrain at least once in your life. Given the rich cultural heritage of Bahrain, it is super fun to travel the length and breadth of the city as an indigenous person. Bahrain is recognized as the most liberal cultural heritage place in the entire region of the Arabian Gulf. Home to three UNESCO World Heritage sites, namely Qal’at-al-Bahrain, the Dilmun Burial Mounds, and the Pearling Path, Bahrain’s remarkable culture is a major draw for people who keep a keen interest in the culture and legacy.

Bahrain might be small in size but it offers a big living style. Its pearls and pure gold are the major highlights in traditional as well as modern Souks. Those who get their jollies from retail therapies must check out Bahrain’s colossal shopping malls, especially ‘The Avenues,’ which are sure to leave you awestruck. When it comes to food, Bahrain has the most authentic food to offer, and tourists and locals alike can tickle their taste buds with a wide array of global cuisines in plush restaurants or local markets.

Bahrain is always buzzing with something exciting and exhilarating to catch the attention of travellers. Whether it’s about immersing in its outdoor environs or teeing off on the world’s best golf courses, Bahrain is a wholesome destination for travellers of all ages and with eclectic tastes. It’s you, as a traveller, who has to decide what floats your boat in this island country.

Best places to visit in Bahrain

Bahrain National Museum

The Bahrain National Museum is the perfect place to start your exploration of the island's history and culture. The museum is spread over 27,800 square meters and has 9 main exhibition halls. The exhibits showcase the history, archaeology, and heritage of Bahrain, from ancient times to the present day. One of the highlights is the Dilmun Burial Mounds, which date back to the Bronze Age and are a famed UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Al Fateh Grand Mosque

The Al Fateh Grand Mosque is one of the largest mosques in the world and is a must-visit attraction in Bahrain. The mosque can accommodate up to 7,000 worshippers at a time and features Italian marble, Austrian crystal chandeliers, and a massive fiberglass dome. You can take a guided tour of the mosque to learn about Islamic culture and architecture.

Bahrain International Circuit

The Bahrain International Circuit is the home of the Bahrain Grand Prix, one of the most exciting races in the Formula One calendar. Even if you're not a fan of motorsports, the circuit is worth a visit for its impressive architecture and facilities. You can take a tour of the circuit, visit the on-site museum, and even take a spin around the track in a high-performance car.

Qal'at al-Bahrain

Qal'at al-Bahrain, also known as the Bahrain Fort, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the most significant archaeological sites in the country. The fort dates back to the 16th century and was built by the Portuguese, but it is believed that the site was inhabited as far back as 2300 BC. You can explore the fort and the surrounding archaeological area, which includes ancient houses, temples, and tombs.

Tree of Life

The Tree of Life is a natural wonder located in the middle of the Bahraini desert. The tree is a 400-year-old mesquite tree that stands alone in the barren landscape, with no visible source of water. Despite its age and harsh surroundings, the tree continues to thrive, and its mysterious resilience has made it a symbol of Bahraini culture and identity. You can drive to the tree and enjoy a picnic in the shade of its branches.

Bahrain’s Leading International Airports

Bahrain International Airport is the leading civil airport located in the city of Muharraq in Bahrain. The airport serves as the hub for Gulf Air, the flag carrier of Bahrain. It is the oldest international airport in the entire Persian Gulf having been in existence for the last 96 years.

Frequently Asked Questions- Cheap Flights to Bahrain

The month of May is the peak season for travel and tourism in Bahrain. This is when it’s 17 times costlier than the average spend in other months.
You need to book at least 2 weeks prior to your departure in order to lay your hands on flight tickets with a below-average price.
Lufthansa, Emirates, British Airways, Air India, Air Arabia, Jazeera Airways, Oman Air, and FlyDubai are some of the airlines that operate flights to Bahrain.
Manama, the capital city of Bahrain, is visited by a majority of travellers who fly to Bahrain.
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