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Perched on the Hicacos Peninsula, Varadero is a resort town in the Matanzas province of Cuba in the Caribbean. Famous for its sprawling white sand beaches, crystal-clear blue waters, and abundant sunshine around the year, Varadero catches the fancy of travellers from every nook and corner of the world. It boasts numerous lavish resorts, plush restaurants, swanky golf courses, and water sports pursuits. Furthermore, courtesy of its epoch-making museums and historical landmarks, the town takes pride in being a culturally rich destination. Most of the tourists prefer to catch flights to Varadero between the months of December and April when the weather is enjoyable to traverse through the town.

Varadero might be a small town with scanty natives but it has everything that a perfect holiday destination should have. From Varadero Beach for beach lovers to Varadero Golf Club for golf enthusiasts and Josone Park for nature fiends to Saturno Cave for geo buffs, the town makes sure that travellers of all sorts have a whale of a time. Foodies are in for a treat in this Cuban town, for they get to savour a variety of Cuban cuisines, including Ropa Vieja, Tostones, and Moros y Cristianos. Also, the town is teeming with accommodation options, making it a cakewalk to find a place to stay as per the budget.

Why people must visit Varadero?

The resort town of Varadero catches the fancy of globetrotters for n number of reasons but the one that stands out and compels everyone to book their flights to Varadero, Cuba is the singular beach experience it offers that’s hard to find anywhere else. Dazzling white sand beaches and riveting turquoise waters never fail to pique the interest of travellers. Not for nothing are the beaches of Varadero often hailed as the best beaches under the sun. From unwinding to indulging in water recreation, you can choose to have a whale of a time as per your fancy.

Apart from its hypnotic beaches, Varadero is home to several ecological parks and reserves brimming with flora and fauna. Without a doubt, nature enthusiasts are in for a treat in this Cuban town and love to enjoy activities like birdwatching, hiking, and cave exploration. Furthermore, those who are sucker for history and culture are also well-taken care of by Varadero. Several significant historical cities and sites are settled in the propinquity of the town. Whether it’s the colonial city of Matanzas or local markets and museums – whatever is your cup of tea, be ready to wallow in Cuban heritage and traditions.

Nightlife scenes in the town are equally enticing, if not more. Owing to the revered dance and music culture of Cuba, you can groove to the infectious beats of rumba, son, and salsa, and make the most of your evenings in Varadero. Also, it’s a cakewalk to fly to Varadero, for its airport welcomes flights from all over the world, including flights to Varadero from UK.

Best places to visit in Varadero

Varadero Beach

No trip to Varadero is considered complete without strolling on its famous namesake beach. This 20 kilometres long strip is nothing short of a fantasy for those who like white sand in their toes, turquoise waters in front of their eyes, and some me-time amid picturesque scenery. Even though it is one of the top-rated beaches worldwide, you can find plenty of room for relaxation as the crowd is scanty. There is a high chance that you may find yourself spending most of the days of your holiday on this beautiful beach only.

Varadero Flea Market

If retail therapy is on top of your to-do list on every vacation and you can never get enough of shopping, then Varadero Street Market is your place to be. Small stalls are dotted across the marketplace, which sell everything from wooden souvenirs to Cuban art and house decorations to traditional clothing. Don’t forget to put your haggling skills to good use at this tourist market and take some souvenirs back home as a fond memory.

Saturno Cave

Just a short drive from the town and Saturno Cave is hidden waiting to be explored by inquisitive souls. Featuring intriguing rock formations abound, the cave has been carved out of a mountain. Upon descending the staircase, you’ll find a small puddle of water in the heart of the cave. It’s a great place to take a dip in the bright blue water in a stunning setting. It serves as a much-needed break from the sunshine. You can also meander through the tropical walkways of the cave.

Varahicacos Ecological Reserve

Varahicacos Ecological Reserve is one of the top tourist attractions in Varadero that draws hordes of visitors. Sitting pretty at the end of Varadero Beach coastline, this eco-park is home to a winding trail underneath the canopy of the jungle featuring stopover points that acquaint you with trees, caves, plants, and animal habitats. Make the most of your trekking experience in this reserve and learn a thing or two about the tropical nature of Cuba.

Varadero’s Leading International Airports

Juan Gualberto Gómez Airport is the leading international airport in Varadero that does not only serve the town and Matanzas province but also the entire Cuba. The airport is located just 5 kilometres away from the Carbonera village.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Flights to Varadero

Although there are no direct flights to Varadero, Cuba, a layover or stopover flight can be boarded from London Gatwick Airport to reach Varadero.
A connecting flight from London to Varadero may take approximately 14 hours and 15 minutes or more.
Varadero is a worldwide famous destination in Cuba, thanks to its fine sand beaches, clear blue waters, and clement weather throughout the year.
Even though Cuba is known for plenty of things all over the world, the three most popular Cuban things are Cuban culture and music, classic American cars, and high-quality Cuban cigars, coffee, and rum.
Juan Gualberto Gómez Airport is the airport that serves Varadero, Cuba.
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