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San Juan – Sun, Sand, and a Tropical Paradise Beckon

Tucked away in the north-eastern corner of Puerto Rico, San Juan is the capital city of this famous Caribbean island. The city serves as the rendezvous of old-world elegance with the modern-day Caribbean. And this is why, San Juan makes a sought-after destination in the entire Caribbean for holidaymakers from around the world to have the time of their lives. With the allure of a tropical island, this culturally rich Puerto Rican city promises to enchant globetrotters of all ages and with eclectic tastes. The city welcomes tourists throughout the year; no wonder flights to San Juan are mostly packed. San Juan has two facets – Old San Juan and New San Juan. While the quaint Old San Juan tends to make you tread back to colonial times, the New San Juan is continuously developing and going forward. Needless to say, both have their own charms to attract travellers.

To travel the length and breadth of Old San Juan, don’t forget to pack a pair of comfy shoes, for you’d want to meander through each cobblestone street lined with vividly coloured homes. Scenic waterfronts, intriguing museums, shopping venues, high-end restaurants, centuries-old forts, charming plazas – you name it, Old city has got it. Besides, it hosts festive events almost every week for the entire year. So, be ready to immerse yourself in lively revelry and get your jollies. Albeit the place makes for an ideal sight for every sort of traveller, honeymooners, in particular, tend to make the most of their time in this romantic Old City, given there are abundant romantic pursuits to indulge in.

When it comes to New San Juan, this metropolitan city is teeming with all the entertainment and amenities a contemporary city can offer. From beautiful tropical beaches to plush beachfront hotels and top-notch dining to sizzling nightlife – the New City has got you covered. It is also home to some of the most revered tourist destinations, including Ocean Park, Isla Verde, and Condado. Here you can have the best of both worlds – a bustling city with a laid-back tropical escape.

Why people must visit San Juan?

Apart from tourist honeypots galore, San Juan offers one-of-a-kind experiences that are hard to find anywhere else. It won’t be an exaggeration to call it the happiest place under the sun. Whether you choose to bask under a blue firmament, frolic on the gorgeous beaches, trot around the castle of El Morro enjoying flying a kite or dance to the beats of Salsa, you can rest assured to have a whale of a time in this magnificent city of blue beaches and vibrant vibes.

The Puerto Rican City knows exactly what keeps its guests happy and does everything in its ability to make sure of that. With an ample number of opportunities to kick back on a beautiful beach with palm trees in warm tropical weather sipping on a Piña Colada – we bet our boots, nobody would want to have it any other way. Throw in the mouth-watering grub, amiable locals, music of salsa, warm hospitality, and scores of fun-filled activities into the mix, and you may never want your vacation to get over!

Best places to visit in San Juan

MSan Juan National Historic Site

– San Juan National Historic Site is not only a remarkable sight in San Juan but also in the whole of Puerto Rico. Earning its reputation as one of the most-visited touristy places in the Caribbean region, this iconic landmark has been recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Ensure to explore the tunnels, barracks, ramps, dungeons, pass cannons, arched passageways, stairways, and the renowned Garitas. Don’t forget to carry your camera for lots of photo opportunities with the Atlantic Ocean and San Juan Bay as the second-to-none background

Castillo San Felipe del Morro

Commonly popular as El Morro, Castillo San Felipe de Morro is a castle that is a major draw for a sea of travellers. This iconic landmark catches the attention of every sort of tourist; from history fiends to hopeless romantics and families with kids. Be ready with your camera to click some lovely photographs of breathtaking vistas of San Juan Bay in the backdrop. El Morro has always been the most admired place by families as it serves as the perfect spot to make memories. Kite flying is the favourite pastime of visitors here.

Casa Bacardi Distillery

Puerto Rico is also famous as the ‘Capital of Rum.’ And, it’s not every day that you fly to an island that’s responsible for producing the most amount of rum guzzled in the US. San Juan is dotted with several rum distilleries and if you’re someone who enjoys quality liquor, then it calls for a tour of a rum distillery or two, including Casa Bacardi Distillery, which has been around since 1862. It is the largest rum distillery in the world and is revered for manufacturing premium quality rum. It’s your chance to treat your palate with some of the most delectable rums ever.

San Juan’s Leading International Airports

Luis Munoz Marín International Airport is the leading international airport in San Juan. Located 5 kilometres southeast of San Juan, the airport serves as a hub for Cape Air, Air Sunshine, Wiggins Airways, and Seaborne Airlines.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs) – Flights to San Juan

San Juan is a city of crucial importance not only for Puerto Rico but the entire Caribbean region.
The months of April, May and June are considered the best time to pay a visit to San Juan. It is the spring season when the temperature is comfortable, the weather is lovely, and the crowd is less to travel the length and breadth of the city.
Currently, there’s no airline that offers direct flights from London to San Juan.
An interesting fun fact about San Juan, which people are hardly aware of, is that there are no traffic lights anywhere in the city. Indigenous people hardly ever feel the need to honk.
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