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Tucked away in the eastern Caribbean region, St. Lucia is an island country that is bisected by a range of wooded mountains from north to south. Beauty and mystique go hand in hand on this island that’s exceptional and extraordinary in every way. Soothing waves, magical beaches, and amiable natives welcome travellers the moment they set foot on the coastline of St. Lucia. Always evocative, the island is the epitome of inspiration and adventure. Globetrotters catching a flight to St. Lucia and not wanting to return is nothing new. That, to say the least, is how St. Lucia steals the hearts of each and every visitor.

With impressive peaks of Pitons kissing the skies, lush rainforests at their splendid best, and enthralling green-blue waters of the Caribbean Sea crashing just offshore, it’s a dream come true to be holidaying in this island paradise of St. Lucia. The island’s people, customs, cuisines, and landscape intertwine seamlessly to provide the ideal setting to enjoy a vacation that stays with holidaymakers for life.

St. Lucia is a melting pot of Caribbean, English, African, and French cultures, and thus offers an exquisite blend of music, food, and traditions that enchant and inspire travellers to the core. A swarm of tourists who board flights to St. Lucia, Caribbean discover not long before that the island is not just lovely but truly magical. And, not for nothing is it affectionately nicknamed ‘Helen of the West Indies.’

Why people must visit St. Lucia?

Whether it’s about history and culture, iconic landmarks, hidden romantic spots, or culinary delights – there’s no dearth of any in St. Lucia. Instead, the country offers more than what a perfect destination has in store for its tourists. The history of this exotic island is as much rich as it’s vibrant. Natives still stick to their roots and hold their cultural identity close which reflects in their customs, local heritage, and traditions. Tourists take delight in embarking on the voyage that unfolds St. Lucia’s intriguing story – from its colonial times to its pirate past.

Events and vibrant music festivals are an everyday affair in St. Lucia. You can rest assured that there’s always a party going on somewhere on this aesthetic island. When it comes to nature, the island is home to mountains, beaches, jungles, and historic sites abound that personify beauty, history, and living poetry. Sure, it’s next to impossible to traverse every nook of the island in a single visit, but there are certain iconic spots that are too good to miss. Plenty of land and water adventures, unparalleled natural splendour, and three peaks challenge are waiting for you.

There’s a food lover, and then there is a culturally adventurous food fiend. Those who could relate to the latter are definitely in for a treat in St. Lucia by getting to relish local dishes like langouste, bouyon, and pepperpots. The culinary traditions of the island country are characterised by farm-to-table produce and cuisines harvested from the sea. Be ready to have a gastronomy experience that’s going to linger on your taste buds for long.

Best places to visit in St. Lucia

The Pitons

There’s no place better than the famous Pitons to begin your exploration of St. Lucia. Two volcanic plugs, namely Gros Piton and Petit Piton are sitting pretty on the southwestern coast of the country. You can go on hiking around them and catch exotic flora and fauna that reside in the area or you can sail around these Pitons to admire them from the water. You can rest assured that you’re going to be left awestruck by the shape and beauty of these sleeping volcanoes alongside the coast.

Pigeon Island

If you want that your time in St. Lucia to be a mix of both nature and history, then Pigeon Island makes a must-see place for you. It is a designated National Park in St. Lucia where you can indulge in sailing, snorkelling, diving, and many more pursuits off the shores. Visitors also take delight in climbing around the remnants of Fort Rodney which was erected by the English to battle with the French. Go hiking around the remnants and pass cannons while you catch nature by the day reclaim the island.


The town of Soufrière is one of the most revered landmarks in St. Lucia. The town has derived its name from the sulphurous fragrances of the volcanoes. Make your way around the town square and immerse yourself in the island’s culture while purchasing a souvenir or two. You can also head out to check out the natural wonders. Diamond Falls Botanical Gardens & Mineral Baths are also nestled in the town. Also, Soufrière serves as a base for hiking to Toraille where travellers get their jollies in the natural rainforest.

St. Lucia’s Leading International Airports

Situated 40 miles south of the capital city, Castries, Hewanorra International Airport is the leading international airport in St. Lucia. It also boasts another airport, namely George F.L. Charles Airport, which is an inter-island airport located just outside Castries.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs) – Flights to Flights to St. Lucia

A non-stop flight from London, UK to St. Lucia takes about 8 hours and 50 minutes to reach St. Lucia.
British Airways, TUI, Virgin Atlantic, and American Airlines operate several direct flights from London to St. Lucia with a minimum of 1 to 2 stops.
No, St. Lucia is not the closest Caribbean island to the United Kingdom. It is situated to the southeast in the Caribbean Sea, approximately at a distance of 6,400 kilometres from the UK. However, there’s no doubt that St. Lucia is a sought-after tourist destination in the Caribbean region. The Caribbean island that is closest to the UK is actually Bermuda.
If you’re looking to explore St. Lucia in pleasant weather, then the time between December to February is your best bet. And, if you’re someone who’s not very fond of crowds and prefers deserted places, then pay a visit to St. Lucia in the months of March, April, October, and November.
St. Lucia is famous for lots of things, including the Piton Mountains, refreshing cascades, pristine beaches, drive-in volcanoes, exceptional hiking trails, top-notch restaurants, and local street parties.
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