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Port of Spain – Trinidad and Tobago's Capital Gem is Worth the Visit

Nestled between the Gulf of Paria and Northern Range hillocks is the City of Port of Spain. Serving as the capital of the twin islands of Trinidad and Tobago, the city is a pleasant potpourri of the gritty and the pretty. From its expansive lush green uptown of Queen’s Park Savannah to plenty of buildings featuring fretwork, Port of Spain is certainly not a regular Caribbean capital. Apart from its designated touristy sightseeing spots, the downtown of the city has an unparalleled atmosphere where scores of shady squares and market stalls are dotted, albeit the remote Woodbrook boasts exceptionally good bars, clubs, and restaurants. And come Carnival season, the city makes an absolute delight to gallivant around; tourists and locals alike soaking in the electric atmosphere, feeling steel drum music in their ears, and exploring many colossal fetes in every nook. Lucky are those who happen to catch a flight to Port of Spain during the carnival time.

Travellers from all walks of life are drawn towards this ideal Caribbean holiday destination for lip-smacking food, limitless fun, and unparalleled festivals. The complicated history of Trinidad and Tobago conspicuously connects native, Spanish, French, Indian, English, African, Chinese, Portuguese, and Middle Eastern cultures, which evidently reflect all through the city via its art, music, culture, and architecture.

Why people must visit Port of Spain?

The enchanting city of Port of Spain is famous for a lot of reasons, such as stunning spots, intriguing history, pulsating energy, urban ambience, and gorgeous outdoors. Speaking of which, one of the most sought-after landmarks in the city is none other than Queen’s Park Savannah (QPS). The vast verdant space serves as an ideal place to indulge in recreational pursuits and abundant cultural events. Picnicking with family, sauntering through the striking tropical flora, and enjoying several other sports are some of the common sights in this park. Adding to the beauty and elegance of the park is the Magnificent Seven, which are seven palatial mansions encircling the QPS.

Port of Spain has something to offer to every kind of tourist. History buffs have a lot to discover in the city, thanks to historical places galore, including the National Museum and Art Gallery. Home to several artefacts and exhibits, the museum offers an insight into the interesting past of Trinidad and Tobago.

When it comes to the nightlife, the city exceeds expectations in every aspect. As soon as the sun goes down, Port of Spain comes alive with the most exciting nightlife scenes. Teeming with niteries, bars, cafes, restaurants, and lounges, Ariapita Avenue, also popular as ‘the hip strip,’ is the perfect place to dance to the beats of calypso, reggae, and soca music, sip on eclectic beverages, and sample scrumptious indigenous cuisines.

Trinidad and Tobago Carnival, the extremely celebrated event in the city, is a major draw for tourists. The explosion of music, colours, and frolics symbolises the cheerful spirit of its people. Furthermore, the city is blessed with bountiful natural beauty. Astonishing landscapes surround the city and grab the attention of nature lovers. From dense rainforests to pristine beaches, there are scores of natural wonders to check out.

Best places to visit in Port of Spain

Fort George

Belonging to the colonial era, Fort George is a revered tourist honeypot that offers a remarkable bird's-eye view of the cityscape and the sprawling Gulf of Paria. The manicured lawns of the fort are dotted with picnic tables and benches to spend a laid-back time with friends and family. Also, there are telescopes on the premises to zoom in on the panoramic vistas below.

Emperor Valley Zoo

Spread over 2.5 hectares of land, Emperor Valley Zoo piques the curiosity of adults and kids in tow. Red howler monkeys, caiman, ocelots, tropical fish, snakes and various indigenous species call the zoo their home. The zoo also boasts an otter pool in addition to enormous lions, zebras, Bengal tigers and giraffes. Pay a visit to click a selfie or two with creatures you don’t encounter every day.

Royal Botanic Gardens

Doing full justice to its name, the Botanical Gardens of Port of Spain are royal, teeming with exotic plants and trees, and serve as a perfect place to take a long amble or just kick back. Dating back to 1818, the gardens have always been the centre of attraction for tourists and locals alike. If you happen to visit the place during Christmas time, ensure to make your way through the walkway lit up with numerous vivid fairy lights after the sunset.

Woodford Square

Featuring the Aphrodite fountain along with an ornate bandstand, the iconic Woodford Square is the symbolic point of the city’s downtown. The spot is a renowned ‘speaker’s corner’ where people express their opinions on daily topics of discussion.

Port of Spain’s Leading International Airports

Piarco International Airport is the leading international airport in Port of Spain. Located at a distance of 30 kilometres from downtown, the airport serves as a hub for Caribbean Airlines, the flag carrier of Trinidad and Tobago.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs) – Flights to Port of Spain

Port of Spain has gotten its name because of its historical importance as a port city. The name originated during the period of Spanish colonization in the region.
With lots of airlines carrying their operations from London to Port of Spain, you can easily fly from London to Port of Spain. British Airways, Air France, American Airlines, United Airlines, Caribbean Airlines, Aer Lingus and JetBlue are some of the airlines that fly from London to Port of Spain.
A direct non-stop flight from London to Port of Spain takes about 9 hours and 10 minutes.
UK citizens do not require a visa to visit Trinidad and Tobago, including Port of Spain, for tourism or short-term visits. Generally, UK passport holders are granted a visa exemption for stays of up to 90 days.
Piarco International Airport is the only airport in Port of Spain that serves the entire city.
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