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Flights to Mexico mean Unveiling Mayan Ruins, Beaches, and Mysteries

Nestled in the southern part of North America, Mexico is a country bordered by the United States to the north, the Gulf of Mexico to the east, the Pacific Ocean to the south and west, and the Caribbean Sea to the southeast. The country is renowned for its diverse landscapes, scenic beaches, and worldwide acknowledged standouts. Beaches with unmatched beauty and landscapes teeming with colours are some of the major draws to the country. With a wide array of hotels and top-notch tourist services, Mexico welcomes tourists from every corner of the world.

Dotted with monuments built by the Aztecs, Toltecs, and Mayans, Mexico is a captivating place that holds a lot of importance in terms of archaeology. Travellers who keep a keen interest in history and culture tend to make the most of their time in the country. Besides, Mexico is a blissful blend of almost everything that ensorcell travellers of all ages and with eclectic interests. From folklore to gastronomy and literary culture to art and exhibitions, each of the cities in Mexico has got tourists’ covered. No wonder swarms of globetrotters board flights to Mexico every year to have a great time.

Why people must visit Mexico?

Whether it’s the beaches, archaeological sites, magical towns, ecotourism and adventure, or gastronomy, Mexico sees to it that travellers experience nothing but the best. No trip to Mexico is considered complete without a visit to its gorgeous beaches. They offer the perfect opportunity to wallow in the scenic settings of Pacific Bays featuring an intense blue ocean, bask in the sun on the shores of warm waves of the Caribbean Sea, or unwind along the stunning coastlines of the Gulf of Mexico. Mexican Beaches are nothing short of troves of treasures waiting to be explored.

Mexico is more than meets the eye. Beyond its paradisiacal beaches is the intriguing history that takes visitors back in time. The archaeological zones in the country are testimony to its epoch-making cultural past. Also, it’s a pleasure for history buffs to be able to acquaint themselves with the many cultures and traditions of Mexico via archaeological remains. Besides, ecotourism in Mexico is something responsible nature lovers fondly look forward to. Home to a wide array of flora and fauna and some extraordinary species, tourists take delight in recreational pursuits, such as stargazing, bird watching, wildlife tours, and exploring natural wonders galore.

Best places to visit in Mexico

Chichen Itza

Once the most important capital of the Mayan civilization, Chichén Itzá is one of the top tourist attractions in Mexico, which means the city at the mouth of the well of the Itza. Nestled in the Yucatan Peninsula, the city is home to the iconic pyramid of El Castillo (The Castle), which is also famous as the Temple of Kukulcan. It is a UNESCO-recognized World Heritage Site and draws tourists and locals alike, thanks to its ball courts, well-preserved temples, and intricate carvings.


Sitting pretty alongside the striking Caribbean coast is Tulum, which is an enchanting archaeological site and a delightful combination of epoch-making history and natural beauty. The ruins attract a lot of tourists because of the picturesque vistas it offers. Overlooking the turquoise waters, Tulum once served as a prominent Mayan port city. It is a centre of attraction for globetrotters, owing to its well-maintained temples, idyllic settings, and striking cliff-top views.

Mexico City

Mexico City, the capital of Mexico, is a hidden trove of attractions. Centre Historico is a historic centre and also a UNESCO World Heritage Site that boasts noteworthy landmarks, namely the Metropolitan Cathedral, the Temple Mayor, and the National Palace. Mexico City is also home to world-class museums, such as Frida Kahlo Museum, the Palace of Fine Arts, and National Museum of Anthropology. The capital city is visited by tourists in droves and for all the right reasons.


Nestled in the thick jungle of the Chiapas state, Palenque is another archaeological site that displays the incredible Mayan civilization. Popular for its exceptional architecture and intricate stone carvings, the spot is loved by all those who keep a keen interest in history and whose curiosity is piqued by remarkable architecture. Palenque is dotted with structures like the Palace, the Temple of the Inscriptions, and the Temple of the Cross.


Beach lovers must check out Cozumel for its pristine beaches and vivid coral reefs. Lying comfortably in the Caribbean Sea and off the eastern coast of the Yucatan Peninsula, the island is a sought-after tourist attraction that’s most visited by those who get their jollies from water activities. Cozumel is a haven for snorkelers and divers who are always up for exploring the mysterious yet vibrant underwater world. Besides, there are also opportunities on offer for unwinding and visits to the ancient Mayan ruins of San Gervasio.

Mexico’s Leading International Airports

Mexico has scores of leading international airports to cater to the colossal footfall of passengers throughout the year. Some of the noteworthy and busiest airports include Mexico City International Airport, Cancun International Airport, Guadalajara International Airport, Tijuana International Airport, Monterrey International Airport, and Los Cabos International Airport.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Flights to Mexico

The travel time from London to Mexico depends on several factors, varying from specific departure and arrival airports to layovers and chosen airline to flying route. Having said that, it may take you anywhere between 11 to 12 hours on a direct flight from London to Mexico City.
The distance between Mexico and the United Kingdom is approximately 8,408 kilometres.
Mexico is sprawled over a land area of about 1 1,964,375 square kilometres. When it comes to the culture of Mexico, it is extremely rich and diverse that has been influenced by various indigenous civilizations, Spanish colonization, and other immigrant groups.
As of 2021, Mexico has a humungous population of 12.67 crores.
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