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An archipelago comprising as many as 181 islands that are lying comfortably in the northern part of the Atlantic Ocean, Bermuda is one of the fourteen British Overseas Territories. The country is teeming with soft pink sand beaches, party boats, the pungent smell of spice berries and cedar, the sounds of Gombey whistles and Kiskadee chirps, and clanks on the board of Crown and Anchor. Basically, Bermuda exudes island vibes that are unlikely to feel anywhere else. Upon boarding a flight to Bermuda and arriving at the airport, travellers receive a warm welcome and are greeted with big smiles.

Bermuda might be a small island but has three distinct sides to it. As tourists begin travelling the length and breadth of it, they realise that Bermuda consists of three major regions, namely St. George’s & the East End, which emanates quaint village feels; Hamilton & Central Bermuda, which is nothing less than the vibrant, snazzy and urbane heart of the island country; and the Royal Naval Dockyard & West End, which is a sought-after sightseeing destination packed with stunning vistas and maritime history. Rest assured that all three regions are worth exploring, thanks to secluded spots, hidden gems, and native favourites.

Why people must visit Bermuda?

Packed with exhilarating adventures and natural wonders, it is a sheer ecstasy to be exploring this 21 square miles of stupendous beauty, which is also the melting pot of cultures, and has a smidgen of mystery. One of the major reasons holidaymakers can’t think of any destination better than Bermuda to enjoy a holiday is its blissful beaches. As it takes pride in boasting some of the crème de la crème of the beaches worldwide, a beach in Bermuda is never far away. The beautiful coastline of the country is lined up with inviting beaches that replenish one’s soul, refresh one’s senses, and indulge one’s curious side.

True that Bermuda’s major draw is its beautiful beaches but there are plenty of other reasons why globetrotters book their flight tickets to Bermuda. The uncharted areas of the island are equally worth checking out, if not more. Most tourists love to go off the beaten track – be it enjoying the Gombey dancers cutting a rug on the whistles and drum beats, watching vividly patterned kites moving up and down along the breezes, or savouring flavourful Bermudian cuisines, such as freshest seafood, delightful desserts, and strongest cocktails.

Best places to visit in Bermuda

Royal Naval Dockyard

Also commonly referred to as “Dockyard,” Royal Naval Dockyard is revered for its prominent role in some best-known battles of history. Earlier used as a base for Royal Navy, it is one of the top tourist honeypots in Bermuda. Its stone walls house Bermuda National Museum, craft markets, local boutiques and shops, and water-themed attractions. It’s also a great place to learn a thing or two about the intriguing maritime history of the island. Besides, there are limitless pursuits to indulge in, including snorkelling cruises, bike rentals, dolphin encounters and bike rentals.

Gibbs Hill Lighthouse

Having been around for 150 years and guiding ships with utmost safety, Gibbs Hill Lighthouse has earned the reputation of the oldest cast iron lighthouse in the world. With its sky-high height, it can be spotted from 40 miles away. Climb up 185 spiral steps and reach atop the lighthouse to catch the sweeping vistas of the island. Overlooking the Little Sound and South Shore, the lighthouse offers views of both the Royal Naval Dockyard and the City of Hamilton. Don’t forget to have lunch at the bottom of the lighthouse in the Dining Room that dishes out pasta, pizzas, fresh seafood, and sandwiches.

Tobacco Bay Beach

Having derived its name from the wild tobacco cultivated there, Tobacco Bay Beach is a national park that draws visitors in swarms. The beach is frequented by people who enjoy snorkelling as it is one of the best spots to offer snorkelling in Bermuda. Tourists and locals alike love to grab wahoo nuggets and bask in the sunshine at this idyllic beach. Surrounded by sui generis rock formations, the beach also boasts amenities, such as a restaurant, covered and shaded picnic areas and more. It is your best bet to have a relaxing day while enjoying live music, savouring grub, and sipping drinks.

Bermuda Botanical Gardens

Nestled outside the city is the Bermuda Botanical Gardens founded in 1898. Sprawling over 36 acres, the lush landscape is brimming with flower beds, strolling paths, and dense trees. If you’re looking for an escape from hustle and bustle, it’s an ideal place to unwind, connect with nature, experience the enchanting aromas, and marvel at the vivid colours of frangipani, roses and hibiscuses. Saunter through the lush foliage and appreciate the abundant greenery of the garden. It is also home to Camden House and the Museum of Bermuda Art.

Bermuda’s Leading International Airports

L.F. Wade International Airport is the leading airport in Bermuda that serves the entire territory of Bermuda. Formerly known as Bermuda International Airport, it is located at the East End of Bermuda in St. George’s Parish.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Flights to Bermuda

Owing to its geographical location, Bermuda isn’t considered a part of the Caribbean region. Speaking of which, it is one of the fourteen British Overseas Territories. Also, the island is situated in the Atlantic Ocean and not in the Caribbean Sea.
Albeit the official language of Bermuda is English, Portuguese is also widely spoken by the sizeable Portuguese community residing on the island.
It is possible to become a citizen of Bermuda upon meeting certain criteria. As per the citizenship laws of Bermuda, besides birth and descent, marriage to a Bermudian or individual who has been residing in the country for a minimum of 10 years can become a citizen of Bermuda.
Yes, there are direct flights available for Bermuda from London. British Airways and Sata Azores are the airlines that fly to and/or from Bermuda.
Bermuda is famous for its powdery pink sand beaches. It is because the sand gets its colour from the main components, which are pulverized shells and coals.
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