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Belize City – A Tapestry of Colours, Beauty, History and Adventure

Perched on the eastern tip of a peninsula disgorging into the Caribbean Sea, Belize City is the largest city in Belize, Central America. Although it is the former capital of Belize, Belize City still remains the primary gateway for tourists as it is where the only international airport in Belize is located. Brimming with top-class hotels, a cruise ship terminal, and abundant natural beauty, including atolls and cayes, Belize City welcomes a sea of holidaymakers and travellers throughout the year. The port city is divided into two major areas, namely North Belize City and South Belize City.

Surrounded by Haulover Creek, the northern part of the city is deemed the most prosperous and safest area for tourists and locals alike. It boasts several points of interest, including the Museum of Belize, casinos, and hotels. Having said that, its southern area, which extends the city outskirts to the George Price Highway, also has plenty of attractions, such as the House of Culture and St. Cathedral, to catch the fancy of tourists. It’s true that the city is not famous for its beaches, but there are myriads of things that persuade travellers to catch a flight to Belize City.

From going on a scenic tour of the city to experience its culture and marvel at its architecture to paying a visit to the Belize Zoo where native animals roam free in colossal enclosures that are an exact replica of their natural habitat and exploring Altun Ha, the ancient ruins of Mayan City, where Jade Head of their Sun God was found to unwinding on the island of Goff’s Caye, globetrotters are bound to make the most of their time in the city.

Why people must visit Belize City?

People book flights to Belize City International Airport for umpteen reasons. And one of the foremost reasons is that it’s teeming with natural wonders and thus, serves as a paradise for all nature lovers. Whether you choose to explore the remarkable UNESCO World Heritage Site of Belize Barrier Reef or make your way to the jaw-dropping diving paradise of the Blue Hole – you can rest assured to have access to some of the stunning marine ecosystems in Belize City. With water activities galore like scuba diving, boating, snorkelling, and fishing, make the most of the opportunity to be flabbergasted by the underwater world.

Furthermore, plenty of historical and cultural attractions are dotted across the city. Exploring the primitive Mayan ruins of Lamanai and Altun Ha is a must-do tourist activity in the city. It’s not every day that you get to catch the impressive beauty of ancient temples and learn a thing or two about the intriguing Mayan heritage. A pleasant blend of lively markets, colourful street art, vibrant atmosphere, and colonial architecture sheds light on the diverse cultural tapestry of Belize City.

Adventure seekers are in for a treat in Belize City, for scores of thrilling pursuits await them in the Belizean rainforest where they can zip line through the canopy, encounter exotic wildlife species in their natural abode, and also indulge in cave tubing. The vicinity of the city to numerous wildlife sanctuaries and national parks presents copious opportunities for bird-watching, hiking, and discovering verdant ecosystems.

Best places to visit in Belize City

Museum of Belize

The Museum of Belize speaks volumes about the country’s rich cultural heritage and intriguing history. The museum takes visitors on a captivating journey by means of colonial relics and ancient Maya artefacts. Diverse exhibits that are on display in the museum will strive to educate and enlighten you. Soak in the captivating past and cherish the memorable experience.

Belize Sign Monument

Big bold colourful letters never fail to catch the fancy of travellers. Belize Sign Monument is indubitably a must-see attraction that symbolizes the beauty and unity of Belize. It serves as a perfect spot to capture some amazing photographs against the backdrop of this iconic Belize sign. Tourists and locals alike tend to spend some quality time at this tourist honeypot in pleasant weather.

Altun Ha

Sitting pretty in the vicinity of Belize City, Altun Ha offers a fascinating archaeological experience. Even if you’re not an adventure aficionado or history buff, you must make your way to this historical landmark to explore the ancient Maya ruins and climb the impressive temples for awe-inspiring vistas. Also, don’t forget to discover the rich history and cultural significance of this site while wallowing in the grandeur of the Maya civilization.

Belize City’s Leading International Airports

Philip S. W. Goldson International Airport is the leading international airport in Belize City that serves as the hub for the airlines, namely Tropic Air and Maya Island Air. Initially known as Belize International Airport, the airport is situated in the Ladyville village of the Belize district.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs) – Flights to Belize City

Although a lot of air carriers carry their operations from London to Belize City, none of them offers a direct flight between the two cities. Flights from London to Belize City generally involve at least one layover or connection.
The period between the months of December and April is considered the best time of the year to pay a visit to Belize City. It is a dry season that offers ample opportunities for swimming, sunbathing, bird-watching, and diving.
The best and most convenient way to reach Belize City is by flying into Philip S. W. Goldson International Airport which is located approximately 13 kilometres northwest of Belize City.
As there are no direct flights on offer from London to Belize City, the flight duration between the two cities depends on the number of stops and layover duration.
A week is enough to explore Belize City in its entirety.
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