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Antigua – Wallow in the Sun, Sand, and Serenity of its Beaches

Lying comfortably in the Leeward Islands, Antigua is one of the twin islands that constitute the scenic nation of Antigua and Barbuda. The shoreline of this mesmerizing island is washed by the Caribbean Sea and is adjacent to the 95 miles of striking coastline. Antigua, along with its twin island of Barbuda, is renowned for its warm, welcoming, and amiable people. Furthermore, pink sandy beaches, pristine turquoise waters, and the enjoyable and pleasant climate around the year are astounding centres of attention for globetrotters that make them catch a flight to Antigua.

Brimming with beaches, recreational pursuits, adventurous sports, and dazzling nightlife scenes, it’s almost impossible for travellers to overlook this gem of a place as a sought-after holiday destination. Those who get their jollies from chilling at beaches must check out the Northwest Coast and Southwest Coast of Antigua. Myriads of beaches are dotted on the Northwest Coast, including Runaway Bay and Dickenson Bay, which certainly call for a visit for an ultimate resort beach experience. Albeit tourists who prefer beaches with fewer crowds and more peace must make their way to Fort James – an idyllic beach with lots of sunshine, sand, and waters.

With beaches like Darkwood Beach, Ffryes Bay, and Turners Beach, the Southwest Coast of Antigua is equally enticing if not more. Perfect for enjoying some me-time and sun basking in peace, these beaches are a great choice for all travellers seeking to kick back in style. Sipping on cocktails while feasting their eyes on the exceptional vistas of sea sprawling as far as eyes can see is the favourite leisure activity of beach lovers here.

Why people must visit Antigua?

There’s not a scintilla of doubt that the beaches galore of Antigua are one of the prime reasons why globetrotters throng this island. However, Antigua indubitably offers more than what meets the eye. Home to 365 beaches, it’s no wonder that lots of fun-filled sea activities are waiting for you in Antigua to make the most of your time. From swimming along with stingrays to a thrilling jet-ski adventure and reef fishing to snorkelling, there’s no dearth of pursuits for water lovers. Having said that, the Caribbean island also takes care of those who are more of a land lover. Horseback riding, island safaris, painting, hiking, bird-watching, helicopter rides – you name it, Antigua has got it.

Party animals have all the reasons to rejoice in Antigua. As plenty of quaint restaurants and al fresco beachside bars are scattered all over the island, its nightlife makes for an unmissable experience. Moreover, tourists and locals alike never tend to have a single monotonous moment on the island. Casinos, cinemas, sunset cruises, live music performances, and weekly fetes see to it that you have a whale of a time.

Downtown St. John’s is a unique spot in Antigua where historic has a tryst with modern. Featuring two bustling shopping areas, namely historic Redcliff Quay and modern Heritage Quay, the place is a shopper’s paradise. Its scenic location in the proximity of the waterfront makes St. John’s all the more popular among tourists. Jewellery, pottery, straw goods, local handicrafts, artisan products, and a plethora of eclectic stuff are on offer that persuades visitors to shop till they drop.

Best places to visit in Antigua

Shirley Heights Lookout

Perched on top of a hill overlooking English Harbour, Shirley Heights Lookout is a favourite spot for tourists for its exceptional panoramic vistas of the surrounding ocean and islands. The spot is incredibly packed with visitors on Sundays when they can enjoy barbecue, cheerful party ambience, and live music and have a ball. Besides, you must make your way to behold the awe-inspiring sunset.

Nelson’s Dockyard

Tucked away in English Harbour, Nelson’s Dockyard is a historic dockyard of the navy that has its history dating back to the 18th century. Once a pivotal British naval base, it is now a revered UNESCO-recognized World Heritage Site. You can explore museums, and restored buildings and also marvel at the scintillating views of the harbour. The dockyard also hosts regattas and events throughout the year.

Devil’s Bridge

Located on the outskirts of the Willikies village, Devil’s Bridge is a striking, natural rarity that offers a phenomenal glimpse into the natural formation of Antigua. Made of limestone rock, the jagged terrain of the bridge speaks volumes about the ancient reef that formed over a period of millions of years. The gigantic Atlantic waves crashing into Antigua’s east coast have resulted in this natural bridge or arch. This natural wonder is one of the must-see tourist honeypots for sure.

Stingray City Antigua

– Situated off the coast of Antigua is Stingray City which offers a sui generis opportunity for travellers to indulge in the interaction with benign southern stingrays, that too in their natural habitat. You can also take a dip, snorkel, sail, and even feed these amiable critters under the guidance of experienced professionals. Adventure seekers and animal lovers are hands-down going to love this place.

Antigua’s Leading International Airports

V. C. Bird International Airport is the leading airport in Antigua that’s situated 8 kilometres northeast of its capital St. John’s. The airport serves as a hub for the airlines, namely BMN Air, FlyMontserrat, and LIAT.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs) – Flights to Antigua

The best way to get to Antigua from the UK is via a flight. There are several airlines that fly between the UK and Antigua. To name a few are American Airlines, British Airways, and Air France.
A direct non-stop flight to Antigua from the UK takes anywhere between 8 to 9 hours.
As a British passport holder, you do not require a visa to visit Antigua for tourism purposes. Upon your arrival at the airport, you’d be permitted to stay for a specific timeframe.
The Eastern Caribbean Dollar (XCD) is the official currency of Antigua and Barbuda. Having said that, US dollars are also accepted in Antigua over the counter.
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