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Oman's capital, and by a long shot, its biggest city, Muscat, offers an engaging depiction of the nation over a significant period. Genuinely, a large part of the city is unequivocally present day: an indistinct stray of low-ascent, white-washed rural areas which spread along the coast. However, the city is home to a populace poking towards the million imprint - a fourth of the nation's aggregate. Here you'll find Oman at its generally contemporary and consumerist, exemplified by the line of rich lodgings which line the city's sand-bordered shoreline, upheld by stylish cafés and current shopping centres, and honeycombed with an organisation of thundering, multi-path thruways.

It's undeniably the business and authoritative force to be reckoned with in present-day Oman, from the masterful government structures that line the fundamental expressway into town through to the skyscraper office blocks of Ruwi's Focal Business Locale. The city has kept up with its old fascination with even the more up-to-date structures having Middle Eastern subtleties. Also, the emerald blue sea shores and invigorating water sports draw in experienced fans. A city among the slopes and sea shores, this one is a must-visit for culture devotees too. As a matter of fact, it is the biggest city and is the seat of the public authority.

Popular Places to Visit in Muscat

Mutrah Corniche

Mutrah Corniche is a promenade extending for 3 kilometres along the waterfront and is fixed with cafés, restaurants, and markets. Travellers can see the Oman Port and harbour perspectives on one side. The remarkable stone developments of the Hajar Mountains and the Portuguese lookouts on the other.

Grand Mosque

Sultan Qaboos Great Mosque in Muscat is Oman's most splendid mosque, with an area of 416,000 m2 and a limit of the north of 20,000 admirers; 8,000 individuals can fit inside, and the yard can undoubtedly hold up to 12,000 individuals. This mosque is one of a handful of mosques in Arabia which permits passage for non-Muslim guests. The mosque is a miracle of current engineering and combines Omani, Islamic, and Center Eastern structural styles.

Wadi Bani Khalid

Being one of the most renowned Channels of Oman, Aqueduct Bani Khalid is well known for its enormous pools of emerald green water encompassed by tall palm trees. Dissimilar to different channels in Oman that are dry in the late spring months, Aqueduct Bani Khalid is known to have a steady progression of water over time.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs) – Flights to Muscat

Muscat is quite an affordable country; January and April are considered low-season months to visit Muscat. However, the weather around these months is quite pleasant.
Despite its size, the city is overall relatively safe for international travellers, with meagre crime rates.
Muscat is at the top of several seasoned travellers' bucket lists, blessed with several sought-after tourist attractions.
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