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The Maldives is undoubtedly the most sought-after tropical heaven, perching in the shining waters of the Indian Sea. Bursting at the seams with culture and custom, this tropical country in the Indian Sea is honoured with unending white sandy coastlines, coral reefs rich with multi-coloured animals, and pristine islands with extravagant resorts. The Maldives is a free archipelagic country in southern Asia, home to the north 1190 coral islands and 26 atolls. The Maldives exemplifies an island heaven with innumerable disguised wonders among its northern and southern atolls.

From the northern Raa Atoll, one of the most profound in the Maldives with overhangs, drop-offs, and submerged caves, to the more southerly Laamu, quite possibly of the most dazzling and untamed atoll. The Maldives frequently alluded to as "The Place that is known for Sun, Ocean, and Sand," is quickly becoming one of the sought-after vacation locations to stream off to. Indeed, it's an extravagant country. However, it's a potential lavish expenditure or crosses the island inside a strict spending plan. It would require almost a couple of months to traverse each atoll, and heading out to the Maldives is a magnificent encounter. An excursion to this unadulterated tropical heaven is awestruck, and each voyager, once in their life, ought to visit this district.

Popular Places to Visit in Maldives

Sun Island

Sun Island is one of the nation's sought-after traveller objections, frequently referred to as Nalaguraidhoo Island, which is rooted in South Ari Atoll. It flaunts some faint commendable sandy coastlines, beguiling tropical blossoms, extravagant resorts, and rich vegetation. Sun Island is among the most satisfying spots to remain in the Maldives for love birds.

Banana Reef

Banana Reef is both a stunning and remunerating getaway destination for eager drifters. The island is eminent for being the world's best jumping spot, wrapped up in North Mal-Atoll. Banana Reef is a heaven for submerged voyagers and jumpers, with a plunging spot for a wide range of jumpers, from novices to specialists.

Fihalhohi Island

Fihalhohi Island is a dynamite island in the Maldives, which is notable for its flourishing marine life roosting on the edge of South Male Atoll. Fihalhohi Island is wonderfully embellished with a sparkling sea, faint commendable sandy beaches and coconut palm trees. The island keeps guests involved throughout the excursion with charming submerged exercises like swimming, scuba plunging, and kayaking.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs) – Flights to Maldives

The Maldives is the most sought-after tropical paradise, alive with culture and tradition. Undeniably it's quite a luxury country. Millions of travellers from all corners of the globe flock here to glimpse the glistening Indian Ocean with beautiful shades of turquoise blue beneath the endless blue skies.
Tourism is a country's primary part of economic activities and relies hugely on air travel. Velena International Airport is the country's primary airport. Apart from its busiest airport, the country has several more airports that are considered the most dynamic. Such as Gan International Airport, Hanimaadhoo International Airport, Villa International Airport, Etc.
The Maldives is one of Southeast Asia's most overlooked destinations. Undoubtedly, the country is a year-round travel destination, and whenever you plan a trip to this fascinating country, there is always a place worth visiting.
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