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Ghana is a rambling nation of Africa situated in West Africa, wealthy in African flavour and diverse in its panoramic scenes and well-established history. Bursting at the seams with culture and traditions, the nation is loaded with rich cultures, endless breath-taking coastlines, clamouring urban communities, colourful markets, and arousing national parks. Ghana is undoubtedly one of West Africa’s top worth-visiting vacation spots, with stunning shores that reach far beyond the imagination. The nation has long tricked a constant flow of explorers from the West, the East and the Europe as well. Whether vagabonds like to lay on the breath-taking white sandy beaches or need to walk around one of the most happening urban areas in Ghana, the nation has something for travellers from all around the globe.

Ghana keeps its guests involved throughout the excursion with boundless extension for exploration. For example, Kakum Public Park, Mole Public Park, Busua Ocean side, George’s Palace, Nzulezu Ghana, Lake Volta, Paga Crocodile Lake, and so on. It’s an ideal retreat for wayfarers quick to follow a common way to find the region’s natural hidden splendours. With its long stunning beaches, bewildering cities, ecstatic islands, and energetic individuals that live in it, Ghana is known as one of the enchanted vacation spots in Western Africa. It is a rambling nation roosted on the Inlet of Guinea and shares borders with Togo, Burkina Faso, and Côte d Ivoire. The country is at the top of seasoned tourists and land explorers because Ghana is peaceful, safe, friendly, and easy to navigate. The whole land is seemingly heart-touching offering hospitality and culture, urban lifestyle, culinary delights, and colonial architecture. Undoubtedly, Ghana is a fascinating country that offers explorers all values of life. Although wandering its seaside metropolitan cities and towns will make outsiders fail to remember they are in Africa.

Fascinating Tourist Spots of Ghana

Kakum National Park – The Africa’s One of Its Kind Canopy Walkway

Undoubtedly, Kakum National Park is one of the sought-after national parks in Africa, tucked in the southern part of focal Ghana. The national park is teeming with one-of-a-kind types of species of flora and fauna and is without a doubt, perhaps the most stunning region in Ghana.

St. George’s Palace- UNESCO Heritage Site and a Former Trading Post

St. George’s Palace is one of the nation’s most visited milestones, frequently alluded to as the notable Elmina Palace. It is one of the country’s most seasoned palaces, roosted along Ghana’s western and eastern shores. In addition, local people among the palace are known for their neighbourliness, and fishing is one of their fundamental activities recorded since ancient eras. Since the palace held its title of trading post, it offered the safe entry and exit to the trade ships from Europe as well as Africa. The land also served as robust shield for gold assets held at Gold Coast.

Nzulezu – The Delicate Structure Surfacing Water that Motivates International Tourism

Nzulezu is synonymous to its name - Surface of Water, a settlement that emanated above Lake Tadane. The petite structure was constructed out of the stilt and the structures were made in the way to subterfuge and prevent attacks from the outside. Many of its inhabitants that came to Nzulezu were immigrants, migrating from olden city of Walata. According to one of the legends, it is believed that people migrated to Nzulezu after being guided by the leaving trails of Snail. Now this may seem to appear turbid, but if something like this really went down the line of history, it is quite welcoming in many ways. This petite seaport town is popular spot for the international tourists.

Paga Crocodile Lake – Not Just Crocodiles, But a Complete Land and Aquatic Biome

Paga Crocodile Lake is a heaven offering protection to the crocodiles especially the species crawling Upper East District of Ghana. It is a picture-perfect vacation spot for enthusiastic explorers who want to be closely playful with crocodiles. The real sense comes out when the travellers will find crocodiles maintaining a kind of cordial atmosphere with nature and humans. The lake is placid during the summers, but it does not mean that everything is free of turbulence in deep waters. The lake also offers awesome biome and travellers shall be amazed to find aquatic species snuggling around.

Best Civilian Airports in Ghana – Avail Discounted Flight Offers

Ghana is a world popular destination for the travellers who love nature and adventure. Closeness to equator renders this country an irresistible nature reserve and it becomes the home to mammals, reptiles, amphibians and aquatic life. Travellers from all across the globe travel to Ghana and the airports are always bustling with huge traffic, which is international and domestic. Besides the International Airports in Ghana, there is always huge flow of traffic in all seasons in Ghana’s domestic airports too. The best civilian airports operational in Ghana are: Kotoka International Airport, Ho Airport, Kumasi Airport, Obuasi Airport, Navrongo Airport, Takoradi Airport, Sunyani Airport, Tamale Airport, Wa Airport and Yendi Airport. Saltpond Airstrip, Ada Airstrip, Bole Airstrip, and Wenchi Airstrip are the popular airstrips of Ghana.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs) – Flights to Ghana

Ghana is a sprawling country perched on the Gulf of Guinea. From diving into its postcard-worthy seashores to getting aroused by its dizzying metropolis, the country has something for all kinds of travellers. Indeed, Ghana is hands down a fascinating country that offers travellers from all lie zones.
The country’s aviation industry is dynamic, serving over two million international passengers annually. The country has a total number of 14 airports, out of which two of them are key international airports. Kotoka International Airport is one of the country’s primary and busiest airports, with an annual high passenger traffic rate.
Ghana is quite connected with the United Kingdom, with an average flight span from the United Kingdom to Ghana being variable in nature.
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