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Algeria is a sprawling country having strategic location settled on top north of Africa on the Mediterranean coast. Bustling with an overwhelming mix of culture and traditions, frequently alluded to as “Algiers the White” because of its flickering white presence. The expanse of Algeria goes to the land borders of Tunisia, Libya, Niger, Mali, Mauritania, Western Sahara and Morocco. On the side of the North, Algerian coastline shares the land with Mediterranean Sea, whereas towards the South there lies enormous desert extending more than two million square kilometres.

It is Africa’s sought-after holiday destination giving the travellers with rich experience in the Sahara locale saddled within granulated sand or need to loosen up at the nation’s charming capital city. Algeria has something to suit holidaymakers from wider tastes and differentiated sentiments.

Algeria is an ideal retreat for voyagers who are keen in search of escape and novelty. The country offers far from ordinary, and the country’s landscape is hugely varied yet unexplored. It will require a very long time to explore every corner and way of the country completely. The Sahara Desert region of Algeria hands down one of its greatest drawing cards, baits a constant flow of voyagers from all across the world.

The idea of Travel and the Tourism takes on the new frontiers in the recent years where the government has planned on strategic partnerships to give more stress to the cultural and Saharan tourism. There have been new regulations underway that have lent comfort and is source of motivation to match up travails of foreign tourism besides empowering the idea of tourism. Traditionalism is elemental in tourism, and this is clearly visible in Algeria, where tourism and traditionalism are balanced on an equal keel. Algeria is pedestaled on traditional arts and crafts and the rustic streets of this country place sentiments before the tourists to the liking of leather work, metal crafts, pottery creation.

Besides, the country has established itself on the intersection of Africa, Middle East and the Europe. In the past, Algeria has been the front runner in acceding its boundaries to Roman and Numidian locations. Tourists will come across the references from the ancient Islamic and Christian architectures and cultures. In one disseminated and plainly straightforward statement, Algeria is not like any other country that impinges on one’s imagination and the impression is jaded away as one leaves off. The country has many cultures, communities, practices and religions, which gives it a sustainable character, much of secular in nature, and travellers will always have the recollection of them in their minds.

A trip to Algeria will have many takeaways, and a few of these could be The coastal strip, The Aurès Mountains, The Kabylie region, The Wadi Me Zab valley, Oued Souf, The Hoggar Mountains and Tassili, Touat and Gourara and there are many other pristine sites to walk around and feel elated.

Popular Places to Visit in Algeria

Church of Notre Dame of Africa – Structure Permeated in Roman and Byzantine Architecture

The Church of Notre Dame of Africa symbolises religious sentiments of Algeria. The incredible structure stands on the rocky shores of the Mediterranean Ocean. The cathedral church is the city’s greatest drawing card, fixed in combination of a uniquely stylised structural based on the thematic Roman and Byzantine ideas. The church resembles the sentiments and faith of Roman Catholic, the Ministry of Church of Notre Dame of Africa welcome pious tourists by means of Masses and other forms.

Mzab Valley – Classic Semblance of Human Settlements Constructed within Fortification

Mzab Valley is one of the Algeria’s most visited tourist spot, nestled in the vicinity of hinterland, towards the Northern Sahara. The valley is admired worldwide for its astonishingly strengthened settlements and authentic remaining parts. The testaments of Mzab Valley being historically enriching are secretively engrained in the old structures and monuments preserved for long times and still talked about. The references of fortified hamlets popular in the local dialect as “Ksour” stand conspicuously and travelling out there is nothing less than an admiring adventure.

Algiers – The Unspoiled Medina and Traveller’s Enchantment

Algiers is “Medina” nicely placed on the Mediterranean coast. The city has a politico-economic stronghold besides being the ethnic centre known for pro traditional and innovative activities. Algiers is also seen as popular spot for sighting special buildings and captivating structures vis-à-vis the Ketchaoua Mosque, the National Library of Algiers, apart from the Algiers Opera House, which is the centre of traditional music sentiments. Algiers is equally dominating as a city for a superb museum culture, and in this league falls the National Museum of Antiquities and Islamic Art in addition to the National Museum of Fine Arts of Algiers. Even more interesting are the Ottoman-style palaces that narrate the history of the glorious and turbulent past.

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Algiers or El Djazaïr, as well as other tourist destined cities of Algeria have high flight seasons in June, July, and August. Generally, the affordable month of flying from London to Algiers is November, but flight traffic is high. Cheap flights to Algeria are available all through the year, with more offers during the festive seasons. Algeria has three major international airports, Algiers Houari Boumediene Airport, Oran Ahmed Ben Bella Airport and Constantine Mohamed Boudiaf Airport.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs) – Flight to Algeria

British Airways, Air Algerie, Air France, Royal Air Maroc, ITA Airways, British Airways, Iberia, and Turkish Airlines are few airlines that fly to and from Algeria. There are direct flights to and from Algeria.
Algeria has come back on its original form, known for the exquisite international class tourism. Travellers can now easily travel to and from Algeria. The flights taking off and landing in Algeria are safe.
The estimated flight time between London and Algiers is around 5h 20m, but remember, it is average time calculation. The time in case of indirect flights may take even more flying hours.
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